KUMAMOTO MARINE INC. is a trading company specialized in supplying fresh local food products to the giant cruise ships calling at Yatsushiro Port.

Company Profile

Company Name

Yone Building 2F-C, 1-30, Fukuromachi, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto 866-0033 JAPAN TEL 0965-43-0220 FAX 0965-43-0221

4,000,000 yen

Our Business
1. Sales of food products, cigarettes, beverages, fittings and articles for ships
2. Sales of articles, magazines, books, etc. requested by ship crew
3. Dispatching of personnel

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday, From 9:00 to 17:00

Office Closed
Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays



Greeting from CEO, Koji Miyazaki

We are happy to announce that we have established KUMAMOTO MARINE INC.

  Yatsushiro Port is located at the heart of Kyushu and was designated by the
country in July 2017 as one of the main ports for cruise ships. The national and the
local authorities of Kumamoto Prefecture in team have set up a project to build a
wharf specially designed and equipped for receiving cruise ships; by 2020, around
200 vessels are expected to call each year.

  The main business of KUMAMOTO MARINE INC. is to procure and distribute a
wide variety of fresh local food products to cruise ships docked at Yatsushiro Port. As
you may well know, Kyushu enjoys a warm climate and this is the case for the city
of Yatsushiro, in particular, facing the rich Ariake Sea to the west and located in the
fertile Yatsushiro Plate stretched out around the estuary of the Kuma River, which is
known to be one of the most rapid streams amongst the rivers of Kyushu. Here you
can find top quality agricultural products, fish and stock farm products grown in an
ideal environment. In Yatsushiro, we have a wealth of high quality food ingredients.

  It is our pleasure to supply excellent food products of local suppliers, which are
reliable and safe. Through our distributions international guests on cruise ships can
enjoy the rich Japanese food culture. On the other hand, we also open the doors
to new business opportunities for our local suppliers, as the arrival of the cruise ships
offers a great opportunity for them to introduce their high quality local food products
worldwide. Our business activities are reliable and will surely contribute to the local
economy a great deal.

  Even though our company has only recently been established, the employees and
the staff as a whole, will always keep our noble company philosophy in mind, and will
continue our great efforts to accomplish our missions.

  We thank you for your great support and business.




Company Philosophy

    •  We supply excellent, reliable and safe local food products to the world. In doing so we aim to contribute to the development of the local society and its rich food culture.

      Code of Conduct

        • 1. In all business and personal relationships, we will cherish trust and we will always express our gratitude.


        • 2. Our attitude will always be to operate “Quickly”, “Speedy” and “Timely” services and customers’ satisfaction will be our greatest priority.


        • 3. In our work we will always challenge ourselves to stay creative and innovative in order to achieve individual goals and those of our company and society.